About Us

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Bartow’s premier loc and natural  hair care salon, specializing in braids, twists, and locs. We are committed to our rootz bringing you a sense of self, confidence, and style.

Loc’d Rootz Salon is a natural hair salon located in Bartow, FL. All members of our staff are natural hair care professionals and experts in the field of natural haircare and possess the talent and artistic flair needed to bring out the natural essence in each individual’s hair through braids, locs, or twists.

We have developed sound natural hair care techniques through time and experience that make our clients more than satisfied with their hair. We can assure our clients in Bartow a renewed sense of self, confidence, and style with every work-of-art we create on your hair.


Meet The Owner


After living life through societal screwed images of beauty, founder and owner of Loc’d Rootz, Penny Worth began her sisterlock journey that empowered her to accept herself and help others to do so as well. Upon completion of her Sisterlock training in 2019, Worth began to perfect her craft throughout the pandemic. As a young mother, Penny along with her husband, raised 6 college educated children without holding a degree of her own. Inspired by the success of her children, Penny was determined to obtain her own success. With limited funds, no previous business experience, but full of faith, Loc’d Rootz was born. Through her journey, she seeks to inspire young women to learn themselves and know that you are enough just the way you are despite what you may face in this life!


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