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Conversations are simply a more intentional expression of what women do naturally. Conversation are purposeful opportunities for women to gather and talk about topics that are important and meaningful to them. They are a space where women can encourage, challenge and support one another. They are a way of amplifying the positive power of women’s leadership.

Women's Group

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Unlocked Conversations is creating a space for women to tell their stories, talk about their roles, their gifts, their concerns, their visions and in so doing, to move more fully into their own power and into connection with one another.

Conversations are how we create our reality, moment by moment.  They are how we connect.  Conversations connect us with each other, and with who we really are.  They connect us with collective wisdom and collective creativity. And the Conversations happen in Circle. 

There is no hierarchy in unlocked conversations .  No one person is more important than another.  Unlocked conversation invite deeper listening and honoring of each person. Conversation are one way women create the future they desire.  As we gather to talk about what is most meaningful to us, as we connect with one another, our personal power is enhanced.

Circle Principles:

  • Circles are sacred space, honoring both the uniqueness of each individual and the emergence of the collective.
  • All are equal in circle; leadership is shared.

  • Safe space is created by speaking from the heart, and listening to understand.

  • Listening is directed both to individuals who are speaking, and also to the themes, connections, wisdom and energy that is emerging within the context created by the circle.

  • Silence is a significant strategy; periods of silence allow for individuals to integrate their experience, and to stay grounded and engaged.

  • The Circle forms a container that can “hold” conflicting viewpoints and diverse perspectives.

These principles create a quality of engagement with one another that is respectful, non-judgmental, and appreciative.  They support creating a trusting environment where creativity and insight flourish.


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This is a 100% HANDS ON training course (mannequin not included link will be provided to purchase ) Please come comfy and with a pen and pad to take notes. There is no such thing as a crazy question because we are here to LEARN! So bring it all with you.


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For further information feel free to contact 863-337-1914 or message usHope to see you soon!!